Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Stuff

Well, today I made it to the gym and worked on the bike for 1 hour.  I was COMPLETELY sweating and I LOVED IT!!!  Before I would have been grossed out but now I know that sweat equals ounces GONE!!  Here are my stats for the day!

Bike - 1 hour
Distance - 12.75 miles


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  1. Hi Robyn,
    I started running in 2004, logged lots of km two halfs and trained (16 weeks of training) for my full - I was injured on the last of my long run training run but had a sports injury Dr's appointment scheduled for two days after the marathon - so I attempted to do it anyway. I ended up walking most of it and a stress fracture that put me out for over 6 months. I have yet to get back to even do a 10k!
    Your energy and zest are contagious - I wish you all the best in your training - I was rooting for you to do this close to your home vs travelling. Training is tough, keep having fun and regardless of the outcome, there will always be another race to run!
    Take Care
    Michele V